A Message from Studio Owner and Head Trainer, Dan Taylor

Our personal and professional focus can be summed up in a single word: Balance.

In training, we’ll strive for balance among work and rest, balance among the exercise modes (strength, endurance, flexibility, postural integrity and agility) and balance throughout the body. These are not just ideal concepts. Dancers, gymnasts and surfers are some of the most well-conditioned, versatile and well-rounded athletes there are. Anyone can move closer to these models of physical perfection with proper guidance and commitment.

Since 1998 weve worked with individuals, corporations and clubs to educate and guide people to a better quality of life and physical capability level. We believe that taking care of ourselves is a privilege and a responsibility.

We are pleased to work with the following local medical professionals:

  • Jill Daniels, R.D. (Pleasanton)
  • Ruth Shelton-Pryor, M.D. (Concord)
  • Edward LeCara, D.C. (Pleasanton)
  • Jens Maassen L.Ac., MSOM (Livermore)