Policies for Personal Training Clients

You will receive private, respectful, personalized attention and be given information and guidance with the primary focus of assisting you in your pursuit of a healthier body and lifestyle. Our main objective will be to teach you to ultimately create and modify your own realistic, effective program to achieve your health/fitness goals.

Training Options

All initial training arrangements begin with a no-charge informal interview (to get to know each other and give you an opportunity to ask about our philosophy, style, etc.). This may be followed by a comprehensive, confidential, overall health / fitness assessment at the option of the client, based on his or her individual goals. This assessment includes a questionnaire, private fitness testing, a written evaluation and general exercise and nutrition guidelines and recommendations, which are focused on educating you, and can be used with or without continued training sessions.

All training sessions are prepaid by the client.

Cancellation / Late Arrivals

Late arrivals (up to 15 minutes with phone or text notification) will complete a reduced schedule session - the balance of their scheduled hour. Arrivals over 15 minutes late will forfeit the session and be billed for a regular session. Phone calls are appreciated and in some cases, alternative arrangements may be made at the discretion of the trainer. We require a 24 hour advanced notification of canceled sessions. Less than 24 hours notice will result in a normal session billing. Sessions we cancel will be rescheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.