Personal training: Melissa working with a clientOur Training Approach

At Tri Valley Trainer, we offer the highest quality private fitness training, Club TVT small group training program, nutrition guidance and weight loss coaching.

We concentrate our attention on the principles of balance, bang-for-buck effectiveness, time-efficiency and synergy. We’ll apply techniques that optimize your goal-results alignment. Our clients break through previously stubborn plateaus and learn how to build on their successes. You’ll steadily get leaner through consistently healthful eating and progressively challenging exercise. You’ll build energizing, fat-burning muscle.

These are the keys to transcending the dieting yoyo:

Crash Diets Healthful Weight Loss
  • Dehydration and muscle loss
  • Ingesting products that manipulate your heart rate
  • Mild to moderate starvation
  • Slower, permanent fat reduction
  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Satisfied hunger
Our approach makes you stronger and more energetic than any time in your life. Please call the individual trainers directly about rates and availability.



Practical Application: Training the Trainer

Below is a photo comparison of changes in head trainer Dan's body and life over the last 28 years.

At the left is a photo of Dan at age 21, followed by one at age 40. In the next one, he’s 46 with about five pounds more muscle, two points lower body fat and exercising only about four hours per week. The last pic is at 49 with his daughter.


Age Weight Body Fat % Exercise Hrs/Wk
21 152 18 12
40 155 12 6
46 157 10 4